Monday, October 13, 2008

Calendar Class (home and away)

Isn't this a cute Calendar? I loved the kit and now that I've put it together like this, I LOVE IT!! Jason even thinks it is cute. Scary huh? Barbara Mullikin was kind enough to sell me her design and I tweaked it a little. (Very little!! You know me.) I put this together in an hour including Brenden's "help" and taking pictures. Come learn how to make your own on Wednesday, October 29th at 6:30 for just $15. Can't make it, no problem. Everyone gets electronic instructions and I can mail your kit to you for just $5. If you can come pick it up, you save the shipping fee. I must have orders for this by October 21st so that I can get the supplies in time. No adhesive is needed. Below are pictures of the inside and an open page where you will find room for important date and notes.

Hope to see you there!!

Karen :)